Previous Speakers at the Boulder Chapter of SSE

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11/15/2019 Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. Smoking Gun: Extraordinary Claims vs. Exceptional Proof
10/11/2019 Bill Karsell Saving Our Planet from Runaway Warming
07/26/2019 Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht., RMT Plant Music Therapy™ and its Effects on the Body, Mind and Spirit
05/10/2019 Paul Kordis, PhD The Reality Well: The Science, Art and Spirit of Metanoia
03/29/2019 Adam Apollo Quantum Geometry & Entanglement
02/22/2019 Garret Moddel, PhD Psibotics: What if We Could Program Robots using Psi? We Can!
01/11/2019 Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara PK: Gateway to Personal Psi Exploration and Scientific Research
11/30/2018 Rex Finfgeld The True Nature of Gravity
10/26/2018 James Sorensen Electricity, The Driving Force of Nature
9/28/2018 Vella Rose Working with Stones and Crystals – from the Mundane to the Magical
8/24/2018 Glen Rein, Ph.D. Virtual Bio-Energy In Healing And Spiritual Development
7/27/2018 Anita Boehm Exploring the Science of Centering to Focused Breathwork and Essential Oils
6/15/2018 Kimba Arem The Sacred Science of Sound
5/4/2018 Garret Moddel, Ph.D. The Edges of Science
3/23/2018 Roberta Grimes Where is Up?
2/16/2018 Claire Lachance The Current Frontier of Consciousness Research
1/05/2018 Gabriel Sereni Discerning Truth and Reality in Personal and Spiritual Growth
11/03/2017 Jim Poppleton How Science is Predictive of the Soul or Superself
09/29/2017 Jonathan Zap Crossing the Event Horizon
08/11/2017 Jay Weidner Unraveling Mysteries in Human History
06/23/2017 Garret Moddel, Ph.D. Multiple Paths to the Truth… In Physics
05/19/2017 Gail Lynn Can you POISON yourself with Energy Medicine?
04/14/2017 Amy Lewis Dogma, Heresy, and the Religion of Science: Is it Time for a Reformation of Empiricism?
03/3/2017 Don Daniels The Science and Psychology of Meeting our Galactic Neighbors
01/13/2017 Briana Ingermann Illuminating Solar Physics and Space Weather
11/18/2016 Rich Haas 12 Recent Scientific Breakthroughs Confirm Metaphysical Wisdom
09/30/2016 James Frazier MAN IS A NEURO-OPTIC BEING: Psycho-cybernetic technology the Nordic ET way
08/26/2016 James Frazier, Mark Lemon, Jim Poppleton, Anita Boehm, Dorothy Walters, Gene Milstein Open Forum Discussion with Q&A
07/15/2016 Debra Green, Ph.D. The Multidimensional Human: Science and Subtle Energies
06/03/2016 Bill Reid The Science of Creating Sacred Space
04/22/2016 James Schmidt The Free Energy Revolution
03/11/2016 James Burnett, Ph.D., P.E. Introduction to Spiritual Physics
02/05/2016 Carolyn Eberle The Physiology, Brain Science and Energetics of Spiritual Awakening: Where Pain Transforms to Power, Wisdom and Wholeness
12/11/2015 Michael Kolesar Fukushima’s Dark Secrets
10/16/2015 Zachary Bergen The Unseen World: Postulates on the Consciousness Shift
9/11/2015 Luis Minero Out-of-Body Experiences and Consciousness Development
8/14/2015 Stephen Mehler An Introduction to Khemitology
7/10/2015 Thomas D. Abraham From Chakras to Vehicles: Consciousness and the Emergence of Form
6/5/2015 Martha Harrell, Ph.D. Journey Into the Supra-Brain: Ending the Hegelian Dialectic of Modern Psychology
4/24/2015 Niels Schonbeck, Ph.D. The Impacts of the Fukushima Event on our Planet and Humanity’s Future Energy Options
3/12/2015 Darrell Laham, Ph.D. The Qi Laser Platform and its Applications
2/6/2015 Suzanne Price The Great Pyramid: Advanced Energy Technology?
1/9/2015 G.W. Hardin Microtubules & the Supra-Brain
11/21/2014 Phil Catalano Ancient Wisdom & Knowledge: Applications in Current Science & Technology
10/24/2014 Rick Nelson Diving into the Supernatural Pool
9/5/2014 Garret Moddel Ph.D. & Erik Maddocks Two Scientific Studies of Remote Viewing
7/18/2014 G.W. Hardin The Mathematics of Wellness
6/13/2014 John Masreliez, Ph.D. Expanding Existence: a Simple Explanation to the Cosmological Puzzle
5/16/2014 Crotalo Sesamo Earth Energies & Energy Grids
 4/4/2014 John Schuessler High Strangeness UFOs
 3/7/2014 Bernice Hill, Ph.D. UFOs & the Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche
 1/10/2014 Gregory Hoag Practical Quantum Tools to break free from a Newtonian Universe
 12/13/2013 Paul Sperry, Gene Milstein & Shirley Morgan GMOs: Seeking Clarity to a Complex Issue
 10/18/2013 Claude Swanson, Ph.D. The Torsion Field: Supporting Evidence, Implications & Connections to Spiritual Phenomena
 8/23/2013 Glen Rein, Ph.D. Biomedical Applications of Tesla Technology
 7/12/2013 John Kineman, Ph.D. From Light to Love (part 2)
 5/31/2013 Bob Siblerud, Ph.D. Our Galactic Visitors:  The Extraterrestrial Influence
 4/12/2013 Patty Greer Crop Circles and the REAL Circle Makers
 3/1/2013 Renato Longato Extraterrestrials as Cosmic Meta Powers
 1/18/2013 Andrew Holecek Mind Beyond Death: The Process of Thukdam
 12/7/2012 John Kineman, Ph.D. From Light to Love (part 1)
 11/2/2012 Bob Whitehouse, Ph.D. Science can Re-cognize Spirit
 10/5/2012 Suzanne Price Qualar Physics: Wave of the Future
 8/31/2012 Rick Cantwell, Ph.D. Is Anyone Still Working on Cold Fusion?
 7/27/2012 Dorothy Walters, Ph.D. Kundalini and the Expansion/Evolution of Consciousness
 5/25/2012 Garret Moddel, Ph.D. Towards a Science of Psi: Can We Get There?
4/27/2012 Claude Swanson, Ph.D. Further Adventures in Torsion
3/16/2012 Jack Stucki, M.D. Interdimensional Visual Information
2/10/2012 Sandi Kristen Olsen Quantum Dowsing
12/9/2011 Paul Sperry Journeys to Earth’s Energy Points
10/21/2011 Greg Storozuk The Science Behind Dowsing (part 2)
8/26/2011 Greg Storozuk The Science Behind Dowsing (part 1)
7/8/2011 Jim Poppleton Unlocking the Science of Shape Shifting
4/1/2011 Susie Jo Taylor, Christine Hart, Shirley Morgan, Mary McHugh  The Nature, Science & Various Forms of Channeling (part 2)
2/25/2011 Bill Eigles, Phil Catalano, Paul Sperry The Nature, Science & Various Forms of Channeling (part 1)
1/14/2011 Richard Sigismonde The Early Days of UFO Research
12/3/2010 Jim Sauter Hermetic Knowledge
11/18/2010 Paola Harris Exopolitics and the Scientific Facts
10/1/2010 Manu Raval The Principles of Yogic Philosophy
8/27/2010 Peter Grossenbacher More than Belief: Contemplative Cognition in Mind and Brain
7/23/2010 Olga Dmitriyeva Zero Point Energy Readings
6/18/2010 Claude Swanson, Ph.D. Life Force: The Scientific Basis
5/21/2010 Garret Moddel, Ph.D. Precognition Experiments
4/2/2010 G.W. Hardin The Unexplainable Wonder of Oneness: And We Are It
2/5/2010 Ken Elliott The Philadelphia Experiment, ETs, Abductions, OOBEs, Reincarnation, Life after Death and more
1/8/2010 Adam Apollo Technology of ETs and their Methods of Space Travel in the Holographic Universe
11/6/2009 Claude Swanson, Ph.D. The Science of Subtle Energy
9/4/2009 Mike Van Atta Remote Viewing (part 3)
7/31/2009 Bill Eigles, Dominique Surel Ph.D., Paul Hansen Ph.D. Remote Viewing (part 2)
6/12/2009 open discussion Remote Viewing (part 1)
4/24/2009 Jamie Janover Nassim Haremein’s Unified Field Theory
3/6/2009  Simeon Hein, Ph.D, Crop Circles
1/9/2009 Mark Macy Communicating with Spirits
12/5/2008 Jonathan Zap Crossing the Event Horizon
11/7/2008 Steve Sky The Mystery of 2012
9/26/2008 Christine Hart, M.D. Shamanic Healing
7/25/2008 Genevieve Hudak How Astrology Impacts You
6/20/2008 Paul Hansen, Ph.D. Past Life Experiences & Therapy
5/23/2008  Robert Caplan Near Death Experiences (part 2)
4/4/2008  Robert Caplan Near Death Experiences (part 1)
2/22/2008 Jim Sauter The 7 Hermetic Laws of the Kyballion
1/18/2008 John Kineman, Ph.D. Relational Theory & the 5th Essence
12/7/2007 Paul Sperry & Dominique Surel, Ph.D. The (Al)chemical Aspects of Alchemy
10/26/2007 Dominique Surel, Ph.D. The General Aspects of Alchemy
9/21/2007 Larry Goldberg, Ph.D. The Convergence of Science & Spirituality
8/24/2007 Phil Catalano Ancient Wisdom
 3/9/2007 Dominique Surel, Ph.D. Controlled Remote Viewing


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