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Neurofeedback and Consciousness – January 2020

  Join two experienced psychotherapists who use neurofeedback as a tool for clinical change.  Hear some examples of surprising changes and unexpected discoveries that challenge assumptions of what is possible.  The talk will include some background on the evolution of EEG neurofeedback, how it can be used to remedy physical dysfunction, ease psychological distress,…

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SAVING OUR PLANET FROM RUNAWAY WARMING – Bill Karsell – October 11, 2019

Bill Karsell

  To contact Bill Karsell: 720-271-2373 or ABSTRACT The September 23rd Global Climate Action Summit is now behind us and leaders are seeking to adopt further mitigation strategies. Climate accords are focused on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a principal greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere. The latest climate prediction models underlying the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

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Plant Music Therapy™ and its Effects on the Body, Mind and Spirit – July 26, 2019 – Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht., RMT

Teresa Helgeson

Presentation starts at 10:15 AM  & Buffet begins at 12 NOON at Nissi’s Entertainment Venue  (details below) July 26, 2019 Presentation starts at 10:15 AM  & Buffet begins at 12 NOON at Nissi’s Entertainment Venue  (details below) PURPOSE: The purpose of this single case study was to pilot the protocol for exploring the impact plant music therapy™ has…

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Quantum Geometry & Entanglement – Adam Apollo – March 29, 2019

Adam Apollo

Abstract: Spacetime curvature is defined as gravitation; we explore this concept at the quantum level, and the functional geometric architecture of a gravitational field at the Planck scale. In this approach, we treat spacetime as a discrete quantum lattice which is in a highly energetic state of tensegrity between fundamental…

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PK: Gateway to Personal Psi Exploration and Scientific Research – Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara – January 11, 2019

Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara

VIDEO OF PRESENTATION: Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara Abstract: When it comes to out-of-body experiences, group intention experiments and other psi abilities, researchers have difficulty obtaining a satisfactory amount of objective data as evidence for their existence. In contrast, psychokinesis, also known as mind-over-matter, offers a great opportunity for scientific…

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