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Quantum Geometry & Entanglement – Adam Apollo – March 29, 2019

Abstract: Spacetime curvature is defined as gravitation; we explore this concept at the quantum level, and the functional geometric architecture of a gravitational field at the Planck scale. In this approach, we treat spacetime as a discrete quantum lattice which is in a highly energetic state of tensegrity between fundamental…

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PK: Gateway to Personal Psi Exploration and Scientific Research – Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara – January 11, 2019

Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara

VIDEO OF PRESENTATION: Damon Abraham and Sean McNamara Abstract: When it comes to out-of-body experiences, group intention experiments and other psi abilities, researchers have difficulty obtaining a satisfactory amount of objective data as evidence for their existence. In contrast, psychokinesis, also known as mind-over-matter, offers a great opportunity for scientific…

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