The Free Energy Revolution – James Schmidt – April 22, 2016

James Schmidt photo for Boulder SSE lecture

CLICK HERE FOR PDF of slides from lecture Abstract: James Schmidt, in his talk on “The Free Energy Revolution”, will speak about what is free energy, the science of free energy, past inventions , the suppression of free energy technologies and which inventions and technologies promise to change our world…

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The Physiology, Brain Science and Energetics of Spiritual Awakening: Where Pain Transforms to Power, Wisdom and Wholeness – Carolyn Eberle – February 5, 2016

Eberle Carolyn

Abstract Carolyn will provide the latest research on how the false self; negative emotions, even thoughts and beliefs can become actual energetic conduits to reclaim your spiritual wholeness, wisdom and conscious manifestation abilities. During her talk, Carolyn will discuss the transformation process, it’s mechanisms, and advantages such as developing greater…

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Fukushima’s Dark Secrets- Mike Kolesar – December 11, 2015

Mike Kolesar 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015 at 11:00 AM – presentation begins at 11:30 AM – The world knows that five of six nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi site were severely damaged during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. All attempts to recover control failed. Following the loss of water coolant, the Ceramic-Uranium Pellets melted compactly into the bottom of the pressure vessel.

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From Chakras to Vehicles: Consciousness and the Emergence of Form – Thomas D. Abraham – July 10, 2015


From Chakras to Vehicles: Consciousness and the Emergence of Form

Are we spiritual beings or biological machines? As we sit on the precipice of an AI revolution, and with rapid advances in neuroimaging and brain research (including the Brain Initiative), this question has become more of an ideological standoff than a philosophical musing. According to our current prevailing mechanistic model, the entire spectrum of human experience has biological underpinnings. Consciousness is an emergent property of brain activity and our brains have evolved via selection.

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