Short Term Global Warming Considerations, Saving the Planet from Runaway Warming – Bill Karsell – October 11, 2019

Bill Karsell works mainly on the standardization of methods for life cycle environmental performance assessment (LCA) and reporting.  Bill chairs the US Technical Advisory Group to the International Organization for Standardization subcommittee on LCA, as well as a committee developing an American national LCA standard using the ANSI process.

Bill also chairs the Board Trustees of the Climate Stabilization Council, which works toward practical, effective solutions to the climate issue.

As Chief of Environmental Services with the Bureau of Reclamation, Bill managed more than 100 scientists and engineers who provide technical support to Reclamation and other clients on a fee-for-service basis, including ecological assessment and management, water treatment engineering and research, remote sensing and geographic information, and economics.

Previously Bill managed Western Area Power Administration’s environmental program, including environmental management system development, self-assessment, and quality assurance, and headed an environmental technical support center for Western’s field offices. Under Bill’s leadership, Western became a charter member of EPA’s Performance Track Program for exemplary environmental performers.

Bill’s interests include western water and power resources management, including environmental assessment techniques and systems to support water and power resource decisions.  Bill chaired an ASTM task group developing a standard for the quantification and reporting of the environmental performance of electric power generation facilities. He is past-chair of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Watershed and Ecosystem Advisory Council and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s Environmental Committee.

MS  Biology  Adelphi University  1975
BA  Biology  Adelphi University  1971

The Climate Accords are all focused on reducing emissions of Carbon Dioxide, which is a principal greenhouse gas which traps heat in the atmosphere.

When using the latest climate accounting protocols, which have been developed and published from the Inter-governmental panel on Climate Change, we learn that if we completely STOP the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses today,  there is already enough in the atmosphere that we will continue to warm the planet.

This is like when you turn the burner off under a pot of water, the water continues to heat for some time.

It’s not Solar radiation that heats up the Earth, it’s Earth radiation; the absorption of the sunlight that hits the Earth and re-emitted out as a longer wave length — re-emitted as HEAT.

The Co2 and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere trap the heat so it doesn’t leave the planet.

Therefore, by reflecting the sunlight back to space without even allowing it to hit the surface of the Earth, we can affect the temperatures.

There’s a great way to do this.

Sky Brightening is the term used for this process.

Call or write your congress people and tell them that WE NEED THIS $30 MILLION DOLLARS FOR SKY BRIGHTENING in order to make this test.

And Part II

In this segment, we will hear about specific methods Bill and his colleagues recommend to help prevent Global Warming. He urges us to call our representatives in the Senate and in Congress to take the necessary action to make funds available before run-away warming devastates our planet.

We are producing Greenhouse Pollutants, trapping excess heat in our planet, causing warming. There is so much in the atmosphere that even if we stop today, regardless of agreements like the Paris Agreements, we have to return our levels of CO2 etc. to acceptable levels.

Primary source of the emissions is energy production. Burning coal, wood, natural gas gives a by-product of CO2.

We need to switch to a different energy production technology. The popular narrative today for an answer to this is to switch to renewable energy sources. The problems are the technologies we’ve produced so far.

Wind and Solar energy have very small environmental impacts. If we get as much as 5% of our energy, it has the same environmental impact, but we will not accept outages, so coal fired, natural gas or nuclear energy back-ups are necessary.

99.99% of energy produced world wide are instant use sources. We do not have viable technologies that allow us to store it.

Thorium fission has 1500 yr supply which has a benefit of simply going cold if it breaks down, unlike uranium fission which can be devastating. It has the ability to detoxify about 95% of the waste we’ve already produced from uranium fission. Instead of having a 300,000 year problem, it would last only about 15,000 years.  This is a bridging technology to a clean

China, Russia and India already have thorium plants. They are reliable, safe and cheap. The shipping industry is building plants on board. We could be doing this. Those countries are buying up the thorium. We need to move forward with this technology.

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