Plant Music Therapy™ and its Effects on the Body, Mind and Spirit – July 26, 2019 – Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht., RMT

Presentation starts at 10:15 AM  & Buffet begins at 12 NOON at Nissi’s Entertainment Venue  (details below)

Teresa Helgeson
July 26, 2019
Presentation starts at 10:15 AM  & Buffet begins at 12 NOON at Nissi’s Entertainment Venue  (details below)

PURPOSE: The purpose of this single case study was to pilot the protocol for exploring the impact plant music therapy™ has on a human.

MATERIALS: Dark field microscope, MIDI synthesizer, Music of the Plants equipment, zero gravity chair, Maranta leucoreura plant.

METHODS: Music of the plants device is a biofeedback system that measures the electrical resistance of vegetable tissue and translates the signals into sound via a MIDI synthesizer. The device allows the plant that is connected to it to control the MIDI synthesizer sound. For this study, two synthesizers were used and the equipment was connected to a Prayer Plant. (Maranta leucoreura) The plant played music for 55 minutes while the subject reclined in a zero gravity chair and listened to the music the plant played. This occurred once a week for twelve weeks. To measure changes in the body, a Dark field microscope was used to perform live blood tests before and after the Plant Music Therapy™ sessions four times during the study and to measure emotional effects the subject documented their feelings before and after the sessions. A journal was kept throughout the study to notate additional affects.

RESULTS: The results given take the measurement of specific conditions noted in the bloodstream before the first Plant Music Therapy™ session and compare it to the results after the final session. The most dramatic changes are in Rouleau, Fibrin, Platelets, Spicules, Protein Crystals and White Blood Cells. The amount of Rouleau went from Extremely Severe to None Present, Fibrin and Platelets went from Extremely Severe to Very Little Present, Spicules and Protein Crystals went from Severe to Very Little Present and the White Blood Cells doubled and tripled in size and activity. The most notable feelings felt after the sessions was comfortable, calm and relaxed. Journal entries noted an overall improvement in energy and endurance levels, balance, strength and steadier walking.

CONCLUSION: The results warrant additional study with a larger group of subjects.

Bio: Teresa Helgeson has 20 years of sales, training and management experience working for various Fortune 500 companies. She became a Certified Hypnotherapist at the Day of Miracles School of Integrative Healing in 2003 with specialized training in Cellular Release Therapy™ and Medical Hypnosis. She studied sound healing with sound pioneer Jonathon Goldman in 2006 and became a member of the Sound Healer’s Association.

In 2008 she attended the International Center for Reiki Training and became an Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. She continued her studies through the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc where she became a Reiki Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Drumming Practitioner.

Teresa, known as the Plant Music Whisperer, started her journey with plant music in 2007. In 2014, while conducting a pilot study on the impact Plant Music Therapy™ has on the body, mind and spirit three significant discoveries were made.

The results of her Pilot Studies have put her in high demand to present her findings at conferences around the country including the ISSSEEM Research Symposium and the Subtle Energy Retreat in 2015 & 2016. Last year she was a keynote speaker at the ISSSEEM Conference. She was a repeat guest on Transition Radio AM1170 The Answer in San Diego, a repeat guest on Light News Radio – Realms of Self-Empowerment and a guest on the iHemp Revolution Podcast with Coach Freddie. Teresa has been the subject of articles printed in The Boulder Daily Camera, the Live Pain Free Publication, The Hemp Connoisseur and Indian Voices.

Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht, RMT

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Friday presentation starts at 10:15 AM  & Buffet begins at 12 NOON


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