Electricity, The Driving Force of Nature – James Sorensen – October 26, 2018

James Sorensen Part 1 of 2

James Sorensen Part 2 of 2

James Sorensen

James Sorensen


Everywhere we look in space, we see signs of electricity and electromagnetism:

  • We see auroras on Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune.
  • We find huge radio lobes extending from the centers of galaxies many times larger than the galaxy itself.
  • We see the acceleration of matter.  How could gravity accelerate the solar wind as it passes Earth?
  • We see powerful jets of matter that stay collimated over millions of light years.
  • We observe magnetic fields everywhere. Planets, stars, galaxies and inter-galactic space all have magnetic fields.

Cosmologists believe there is no electricity in space – any difference in charge would have become neutralized long ago. Cosmologists therefore don’t study electromagnetism and plasma, and a Ph.D. in cosmology doesn’t require more than a basic knowledge of electricity and electromagnetism.

All the equations that describe the motion and formation of our universe are based on a single force — GRAVITY. No role is seen for electricity in the mathematics of black holes, dark matter, spiral galaxies or planetary motion.

Electricity also doesn’t play a major causal role in many of the sciences, including biology, geology and archaeology.  We know there are a half million volts between the ionosphere and Earth’s surface (or 300 volts for every six feet), yet have you ever heard a weatherman give the voltage or electrical current found between two cities, or in a hurricane?  Is it possible electricity is the force behind our weather, not something simply created by the weather?

The Electric Universe is a term describing the many theories that bring electricity to the sciences. Our bodies are electric, water is electric, the weather is driven by electricity and galaxies form where huge electric currents pinch together.

This presentation gives a broad overview of many theories of the Electric Universe.  It is fast moving, has lots of pictures, and quickly exposes people to the many ways electricity is found in nature.

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formations, a web of circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in space.” – Wal Thornhill


James Sorensen recently spoke at this year’s TeslaTech conference and was recommended by two of our SSE members. He enjoys presenting complicated scientific concepts in an understandable manner. He believes science should be simple, and when presented clearly, is fascinating to all.  He is an accomplished Toastmaster and has given many presentations to local groups and at conferences.

In Junior High, James found the controversial works of Immanuel Velikovsky and realized science may not have all the answers. His pastor and parents definitely did not. He set about reading books on cosmology, religion, physics, relativity and much more at a very early age.

James has a keen interest in the myths and religious stories of early man. He believes events in these stories occurred and must be incorporated into scientific theories — after all a theory of everything must include everything. We can’t simply ignore mans’ past because it doesn’t fit our scientific theories.

Ten years ago, James found the Electric Universe theories and it changed everything for him. He had found a group of interdisciplinary theories that come together into a cohesive story.

James is an electrical engineer, software programmer and website developer.  He is currently working with a scientist in Europe to demonstrate in 3D a theory about the structure of the nucleus of the atom.


James presenting on the Big Bang at 2013 Electric Universe Conference
Thunderbolts Website – A good place to start learning about the Electric Universe
Structured Atom Model – SAM – A theory that the atom is electric and has a geometric structure

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