The True Nature of Gravity – Rex Finfgeld – November 30, 2018



Most scientists currently hold the view that gravity, along with the strong and weak nuclear forces and electromagnetism, is one of the fundamental forces of the universe. These forces make up “The Theory of Everything”. It has been suggested that gravity has no connection to dark energy, is most attracted to black holes, and responds to the mass and density of matter. Gravity is often referred to as the fourth dimension.

The true nature of gravity is that it is not a fundamental force of the universe and therefore does not belong in the “The Theory of Everything”.  Instead, gravity is fundamental to a prospective multiverse. Therefore, it existed before the proposed universal birth and will exist beyond what we may perceive as the universe’s demise. Gravity is dark energy, but not as some form of “Reverse Gravity”.  Gravity’s movement is similar to water. The confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves is just the beginning of this understanding. Just beyond the initial “Cosmic Inflation”, this ultra-dense primordial energetic soup was moving like a glacier but at “hyper-speed”. This is the birthplace of super-massive black holes, a key in the early development of our infant universe. Gravity does not respond to the movements of matter.  Instead, matter responds to movements of gravity. This occurs from the fundamental particle to the multiverse as a reflection of the unified field.  Given this, gravity is not a dimension like height, width, and depth but rather an infused part of the foundational fabric of all dimensional and universal possibilities. Gravity is the framework and cohesion of the unified field in all its infinite possibilities in infinite universes, dimensions, and realities. This is the basis of quantum gravity.

Gravity gives form, function, and shape to everything both potential and kinetic. Simply, “gravity is the sculptor and the entirety of the experiential multiuniversal reality is the clay”.


On April 10th, 2011, Rex Finfgeld experienced a 26-foot fall, hitting concrete head first. This was the catalyst for his near-death experience (NDE) that has proved to be profoundly transformational. A whole new reality opened up to him including ideas that challenge some of our long held scientific theories.

Rex is the author of the book, “My Experiment with Gravity”, Book 1 in the “Gravity Series”. While Rex touches upon gravity in Book 1, it is mainly an autobiography about transformation and discovering and living one’s dream. Book 3, to be released late 2019, will delve deeply into the nature of gravity, as it will explore the essence and source of existence itself.

Rex is DJ and percussionist. He plays in the band “Quantum Beings of the Miraculous”, spreading the message of love, opening minds, and expanding consciousness. He also regularly DJ’s in clubs and events. He is the producer of the show “The New Revolution” where Rex interviews people from all walks of life. The idea is to get past stigmas and see the “real person”. The show covers love, beliefs, passions, backstories, and ways we can take steps towards world peace. Rex has been a martial artist for over 25 years and teaching for about 12. He teaches the art of Kun Tao Silat. It’s all about the movement of energy.

Since the NDE, it is Rex’s greatest wish to do his part in “planting the seeds of positive change” in the world!


As a writer, I do read however I am a very visual and auditory learner. So, there is some suggested watching…

Brian Greene – “The Elegant Universe” or “The Hidden Reality” books.

Albert Einstein – “Relativity: The Special and General Theory” book. “The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein”

Nassim Haramein/ Tedx –

Johnathan Hagelin – “Is Consciousness the Unified Field” –

Amit Goswami – “The Quantum Alchemist” –

Neal deGrasse Tyson – “The Inexplicable Universe” – Netflix or


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