The Multidimensional Human: Science and Subtle Energies – Debra Greene, Ph.D. – July 15, 2016

Abstract: Ancient Vedic texts and similar wisdom traditions recognize the existence of four major dimensions of the self–the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These four aspects and their corresponding energy bodies are also found in Tibetan Medicine, Native American traditions and other indigenous cultures. The energy bodies constitute the vehicles through which we experience the varied dimensions of life.

The multidimensional model gained legitimacy in modern science through the work of Stanford Professor Emeritus William Tiller, PhD, as well as Richard Gerber, MD, whose seminal book, Vibrational Medicine, was the first energy medicine textbook of its kind. In this interactive session we will explore the energy based multidimensional model and what it contributes to our understanding of personal and planetary transformation. Tiller’s science based model has significant explanatory value in terms of understanding energy modalities in which the individual human can make a difference in the larger sphere. It also has pragmatic value in substantiating an array of energy-based healing methods.

Participants will discover how energy is key to understanding ourselves, our connection to others, and higher dimensional forces available to us. We will explore how a seamless flow of energy refracts into four frequency domains, the planes of existence, and how the energy bodies occupy those channels of experience. Research supporting the model will be shared and implications of this interconnected worldview will be discussed regarding individuals and the collective. Included will be effective energy based methods for enacting healing on global levels by using technologies of the self.

To RSVP for the Friday luncheon please contact: Paul Sperry at or 303-817-2163 (TEXT RSVP is fine!) Meeting details at bottom of page. 

Debra GreeneBio: Debra Greene, PhD, has been an innovator in energy medicine and consciousness studies for over 20 years. She combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern science in her writings, private practice, workshops, lectures and online programs. She is the developer of Inner Clarity (IC), an energy based healing modality, founder of the online program Energy Mastery: Self-Actualization through the Art and Science of Applied Energetics, and author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. Her book is endorsed by James Oschman, PhD, Beverly Rubik, PhD, Bruce Lipton, PhD, among others, and was favorably reviewed in the journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. Debra lives on Maui in Hawaii from where she teaches her online program, offers phone sessions worldwide, and watches whales breaching from the window in front of her desk. Visit her online at


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To RSVP for the Friday luncheon please contact: Paul Sperry at or 303-817-2163 (TEXT RSVP is fine!)

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