Open Forum Discussion with Q&A – August 26, 2016

Following Dorothy Walters’s suggestion, our August meeting will feature a series of short talks by SSE members. Each will have 12 minutes to make their presentation followed by 3 minutes of Q&A. Those talks will include the following:
Man is a Neuro-Optic Being: Psycho-Cybernetic Technology the Nordic ET Way
by James Frazier
Zero Point Energy and its Effect on Health
by Mark Lemon
How Quantum Mechanics Can Prove that We Must Have a Subtle Body (or Soul)!
by Jim Poppleton
Essential Oil Effects on Breathing Physiology
by Anita Boehm
Kundalini and the Near Death Experience: Parallels
by Dorothy Walters
A Summary of Elizabeth Mayer’s Book,Extraordinary Knowing
by Gene Milstein
Presentation abstracts and speaker bios follow.
Man is a Neuro-Optic Being: Psycho-Cybernetic Technology the Nordic ET Way by James Frazier

Abstract:  The Nordic ETs utilize a method of neurological implants to give knowledge to ET contactees and to educate their own children. In this process, they use pulsing lights and sounds along with bio and neurofeedback. They want mankind to have this NOR technology along with a gas that responds to thought because, man – like them – is a neuro-optical being. Jim helped create a prototype in 1979 that was used for ten years by California State University. The NOR prototype was also used with deaf children at an Easter Seal location. The next step towards a truly psycho-cybernetic civilization is to develop the plasma that responds to thought and combine the plasma and NOR technology. He will demonstrate the all-digital version of the technology he developed and briefly describe the formula for a gas that reportedly responds to human thought.
Bio: Jim Frazier was born in Greeley, Colorado and attended CSU receiving a B.S. in Psychology and Biology. He is currently completing a M.A. degree in clinical mental health counseling with neurofeedback.  Jim is a journalist and author of the non-fiction book: Transformation of a Common Man: The Brian Scott Story. He guided Brian through the transformation process conducted by Nordic ET’s, and then, with Brian, was commended at the White House by President Carter in February 1980 for bringing the Voice of Common Man to the Presidency.  He also helped build a prototype of Nordic ET technology which was used at California State University for psycho-biological research for over a decade resulting in many published studies in scholarly journals.
Zero Point Energy and its Effect on Health
by Mark Lemon
Abstract:  Mark has a very curious mind. He has taken what he learned from many years in the electronics business and combined that with what he has learned of higher dimensional physics. He has built upon the work of Slim Spurling, Bill Reid (our June 3rd speaker) and other pioneers in the field of zero point energy, including Tesla and Schauberger. He will speak about energy principles and how he uses the many innovations that he has developed.
Bio: Mark was born in Michigan and attended Albion College where he received a B.S. in Business. He successfully built an electronics business and enjoys his hobbies of cars, motorcycles and just being outdoors. He strongly believes that getting exercise and “moving your Chi” is part of staying healthy. His collection of old model cars is back in Michigan, but he enjoys getting together with a friend “kissing the chrome and drinking beer.” He has had many mentors, both physical and non-physical.
How Quantum Mechanics Can Prove that We Must Have a Subtle Body (or Soul)!
by Jim Poppleton
Abstract:  The wave and particle nature of the fundamental quanta of existence, or call it matter, logically suggests that the individual or observer has a subtle body (or what has often been referred to as the soul).  This has been consistently proven by quantum mechanics through the Double Slit Experiments and the Photoelectric Effect. This short talk will take attendees through the logic of what, based on quantum mechanics, prompted Einstein to say the moon must disappear when you aren’t looking at it, which he thought was absurd, despite all the evidence. It also led Schrodinger to wonder if a random event could kill a live cat placed inside a box, but you wouldn’t know that event had occurred until you reopened the box to check the cat’s status with your own eyes.
Bio:  Jim Poppleton grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He attended college on an academic scholarship, got a degree in economics and went to graduate school at night earning an MBA. He worked in the corporate world (NCR, Target) for the first 18 years of his career, then moved to Vail, CO where he set up three different real estate companies.  He became interested in science, particularly physics, because he kept reading about phenomena that were completely unexplainable by science, including near death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, telekinesis, PSI and more. He wanted to know if there were secrets of the absolute that he had somehow missed during his traditional education, and that quest led him into quantum mechanics.  Jim gave an SSE presentation in 2011 and now would like to share what he has learned since then.
Essential Oil Effects on Breathing Physiology
by Anita Boehm
Abstract:  Breathing imbalances can affect emotional, perceptual, cognitive, attention, behavioral, and physical deficits that may seriously impact health and performance.  Essential oils have profound physiological and psychological effects because they directly access our “emotional control center” – the limbic lobe of the brain.  Breathing is behavioral and the breathing imbalances are generally referred to as over breathing because too much breathing flushes out valuable carbon dioxide.  With insufficient CO2, not enough oxygen can get to the brain and the cells.  Anita will present her data of before and after essential oil application with respect to breathing physiology using the biofeedback instrument – the CapnoTrainer™.   She will also present additional data that has been reported to her from a physician plus Fitbit data.
Bio: Anita Boehm grew up in Michigan, but intuitively since childhood, she knew Colorado is home.   Anita’s education background includes an M.S. in Environmental Health (Colorado State University, B.S. in Geology (University of Michigan), secondary science teacher certification (CSU), Environmental Scientist with focus on chemical toxicology and risk analysis for human health and the environment, and science educator.  She is also a Breathing Practitioner through Better Physiology, an herbalist in training through the East West School of Herbology and Aromatherapist in training through Floracopeia.  As an Integrative Energy Body Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Huna Kane practitioner/teacher, and Qigong Instructor/Breathwork Facilitator, she is well-versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities and the use of essential oils that she creates and employs in her practice.
Kundalini and the Near Death Experience: Parallels
by Dorothy Walters

Abstract:  Kundalini Awakening and the Near Death Experience have many similarities.  This presentation will list several of these and describe each briefly.  Interest in this area has grown significantly in recent years.  Dorothy Walters, Ph.D., experienced spontaneous Kundalini Awakening several years ago and has observed her own process unfold over time. She thus has been both observer and experiment as she underwent the many changes that Kundalini had brought to her in both spiritual and intellectual realms.
Bio: Dorothy grew up in Oklahoma and took a Ph.D. in English and American literature from the University of Oklahoma.  She then became a professor at the universities of Oklahoma, Colorado and Wichita (Kansas) State. In l981, Dorothy experienced an extreme Kundalini awakening.  She was thrown abruptly into rapture and continued to have episodes of rapture intermingled with pain for many years thereafter.  Dorothy had no guru or teacher to guide her, so relied solely on the “guru within.” She monitored and recorded her process closely during this ongoing experiment.  She has researched the topic of Kundalini for over 30 years and now through her blog often hears from others undergoing similar awakenings.  Dorothy also writes mystical poetry based on her awakening experiences and has published five volumes of verse.
A Summary of Elizabeth Mayer’s Book, “Extraordinary Knowing” by Gene Milstein

Abstract:  This mind-expanding book describes many amazing anomalous experiences which are often written off by science as “anecdotal.” The author challenges the scientific community to instead explore them and understand how and why they occur. She discusses dowsing, remote viewing, healing, ESP, NDEs, oneness experiences and many other physic phenomena. Elizabeth Mayer was a Freudian psychoanalyst and professor at University of California, Berkeley whose world was turned upside down when a dowser 2000 miles away located her daughter’s rare missing harp with just a street map of Oakland and a photo of the harp.
Bio:  Gene Milstein studied astronomy, physics, botany, biochemistry and political science at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of SSE since 1995, Gene co-founded our local SSE chapter in 2006. He and his wife Dee created and continue to sponsor the Foothills Spiritual Group. Gene is a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a yoga student, made 5 pilgrimages to Sathya Sai Baba, twice visited John of God, studied A Course in Miracles, took remote viewing training, explored OBE’s at The Monroe Institute and is a practitioner of Therapuetic Touch. He has made spiritual travels to India, Brazil, Egypt, Damanhur, England, Ireland, Israel, Jordan and Peru.In 1965 Gene founded the Applewood Seed Company and introduced wildflower seed packets to markets that eventually expanded to Asia, Africa and Europe. His wife Dee designed and developed 70 new product lines, produced catalogs and wrote a gardening book. Gene’s personal interests include metaphysics, spirituality, holistic healing, UFOs, ETs & Exopolitics, ESP, dowsing, psychic experiences,travel, tennis, hiking, music, dance, opera, theatre, the fine arts…. and the ocean.


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