The Qi Laser Platform and its Applications – Darrell Laham, Ph.D. – March 13, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM – presentation begins at 11:30 AM

Title:   The Qi Laser Platform and its Applications

Abstract:   Dr. Darrell Laham will describe a unique, globally patented laser system that generates a new type of wave form with extremely rapid impulses. This is the first system that can generate waves as rapidly as molecules vibrate to enhance the state of intact molecules. Through the principal of resonance and a process of matching vibration frequencies, this becomes a precise tool for shifting the shape and energy of molecules or regions of molecules that has never before been possible. The practical application of this new technology is in creating and patenting novel pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds. The implications of such compounds are rapid solubility, greater bioavailability and accelerated clinical action. One such product is ƒastpirin, their high free energy form of aspirin that is in an amorphous rather than crystalline solid state yielding faster onset, lower doses and fewer side effects. The laser system is also used in enhancing Laser Guided Stem Cell Therapies.

Dr. Darrell LahamBio:  Darrell Laham, PhD, is a scientist, technologist, entrepreneur and musician.  He serves as CEO of morƒormance, llc, the developer of a laser technology for altering the resonant state of molecules.  He is also the CEO of Silverback Systems, Inc., a company developing quantum information and resonance technologies in healthcare focusing on metabolic medicine. Darrell co-invented several patented technologies including a computer software application for scoring both the conceptual content and quality of student writing. He has built advanced collaborative learning and engineering environments using augmented cognition, machine learning, semantic analysis and information visualization techniques. His startup companies include Solorado, LLC which provides technical and investment analysis for renewable energy projects in Colorado. Darrell holds a Joint PhD in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  He has extensive training and experience in statistics, measurement, content analysis and experimental design.


Photos from the event:

Laham 13 Mar 15-21Laham 13 Mar 15-03

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