The Science of Creating Sacred Space – Bill Reid – June 3, 2016

Bill Reid was the partner and the scientist/engineer behind Slim Spurling’s work back in the ’70s to ’90s. Slim was known for the many geobiological tools they co-created for balancing the energy of the earth and the body, but Bill preferred staying in the background doing the science. He always wanted to know, “Why does this work?”’
Geobiology is the study of the interactions of life with the physical earth. Geobiologists study the role of life in shaping the chemical and physical characteristics of the Earth and, conversely, the environmental forces that have shaped the evolution and function of life. (Caltech)
Slim and Bill looked, specifically, at the energetic influences of the earth on the human body using dowsing. Geopathic or Hartmann lines and zones have been created by activities of man such as electromagnetic radiation or events such as massacres. When two geopathic or Hartmann fields cross, a vortex is created with a counter-clockwise spin which encourages various pathogens and probably contributes to the “sick building syndrome.” Together Bill and Slim created Light-Life Rings, Acu-Vac Coils, Feedback Loops, and Harmonizers to counter these effects. Those tools are still available at,, and various other internet sites.
Bill had a near-death-experience when he was 5. During an 8-hour surgery he observed his body being worked on from the ceiling, hearing every word. He also is a very gifted psychic. He is aware of past lives and after learning of a lifetime in Germany he easily learned to speak German. He has lived in Africa, Europe and Brazil and speaks 5 languages.
At 82, Bill is still very curious. He spends long days doing research and when he gets stuck for an answer he asks for help from his soul group and is down-loaded with the information He is now working on splitting gravity fields into gravity and anti-gravity. He says anti-gravity is a harmonic of consciousness. He has created a “black box” which creates holograms of a substance like vitamin C. The hologram has the same effect on the body as the actual substance, similar to homeopathy. He says he has come light years from the work he and Slim did together and we can look forward to an informative and inspiring presentation. Bill rarely gives public talks, so we are very lucky to have him.

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Bill Reid was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, and graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1961 with a degree in mining/geological engineering. His work experience in the material sciences has been in the field of precious metal extraction and process development.

He is a gemologist (FGA), and inventor/co-inventor of the Light-Life Ring, Acu-Vac Coil, Feedback Loop, and Harmonizers. His subtle energy research has included Reichian Orgone instruments and application in alchemy and tachyon physics, and he developed a process to bond alchemical gold/silver to silk.
Besides his scientific pursuits, Reid is a musician (ragtime to classical), linguist, psychic, healer, dowser, and counselor.

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To RSVP for the Friday luncheon please contact: Paul Sperry at or 303-817-2163 (TEXT RSVP is fine!)

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