Dogma, Heresy, and the Religion of Science: Is it Time for a Reformation of Empiricism? – Amy Lewis – April 14, 2017


Science is a system of inquiry and knowledge production that, through a process of observation and experiment, “democratizes” the study of the physical and natural world. Although science represents a significant advance over previous knowledge systems, limitations in its capacity to cope with some types of observable phenomena is becoming increasingly apparent. The purpose of this talk is to consider and define the limits of science, and to propose the need for an alternate and complimentary system of inquiry. Such a system must embody a greater capacity to cope with the presence of free will, multiple dimensions, and other phenomena that fall outside the limits of the 3-dimensional experiment. We will ensure a spirited opportunity for discussion.

Amy LewisBio

Amy Lewis is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Colorado State University and Vice President of Communications and Development at the WILD Foundation, an international conservation NGO. She has given numerous lectures on the philosophy of science, and is both personally and professionally interested in better understanding the potentials and limitations of the scientific process. Amy is an excellent follow-up to our previous speaker, Don Daniels, because she has had her own direct ET experiences that confirm a wider reality.

VENUE: The Best Western Boulder Inn, 770 28th St.

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Best WesternThe Best Western is just a half mile south of the Millennium Hotel near both highways 36 and 93. Take the Baseline exit off highway 36 or turn east on Baseline from highway 93.


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