The Edges of Science – U of CO Student Research Presentations – Friday, May 4, 2018

laserThis will be a very special program featuring some of the brightest minds and latest research in the area of psychic phenomena (psi). Four finalists from a class of 42 students will share their findings as a dress rehearsal of subsequent presentations to this year’s SSE international meeting in Las Vegas.

Former SSE president and University of Colorado professor Garret Moddel teaches the undergraduate course, Edges of Science, where students carry out a major research project dealing with psi experiments, the effects of psychokinesis, telepathy and even whether psi can be used to transmit information faster than the speed of light.

Our speakers will be sharing their seminal research in exchange for penetrating Q&A that will help them further refine their subsequent presentations. Dr. Moddel will then sum up the impact of these new ideas with an approach to applying psi phenomena toward useful applications.


Dowsing for Missing Persons or Dowsers Standing out in their Field
Corey LePine, Eli Kopp-Devol, Jessica Tobey

Map dowsing with a pendulum is used to find a person in a random location on a gridded field. The purpose of the experiment is to test whether dowsing might be applied to the criminal justice system in finding missing persons.

The Effect of Collective Intention on Plant Health
Daniela Rodriguez and Nadir Shakir

Our study explores the effect of positive and negative intention on plants as measured by conductivity and growth measurements. Plants are exposed to both individually and collectively sent intentions and the results are compared.

Correlations Between Personality, Intention, and Psi
Blake Arellano, Hayden Widener, and Eric Bourgeois

Participants are given a questionnaire to determine their intention in a psi experiment that consists of selecting numbered balls in a bag. The goal is find a correlation between personality and psi ability and thereby improve the participant screening process for future psi experiments.

Combination Code Breaking using Modified Ball Selection Test
Nathan Biesterfeld, Tyler Davidson, Erika Ervin, Steven Im.

Our project investigates whether forced-choice psi can be used to divulge hidden information with practical importance. Participants in our study attempt to uncover individual digits of a combination lock via a modified ball selection test. If successful, our procedure could be used in larger-scale decryption.

Can Psi Effects Travel Faster than Light?
Skyler Arnold, John Troetschel, Ellie Megerle, and Nicholas Herrington

Subjects are asked to determine the state of the Sun at the present moment, which is unknowable according to conventional physics because it takes light – and information – eight minutes to arrive. We then wait eight minutes for light to get to Earth from the Sun to check the accuracy of the predictions.

The current list of topics can be seen at  (to download any of the readings use the login “edges” and the password “psi”.) Class projects from several years ago can be seen at


University of Colorado professor Garret Moddel, PhDBIO:
Garret Moddel has been a Professor of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado since 1985. Along with quantum engineering of new thin-film optoelectronic devices and exotic energy technologies), his research group investigates psi phenomena. He has invented a range of new energy technologies, with 30 patents, and founded several high-tech start-up companies. He was recently president of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and currently serves as its Vice President. Dr. Moddel earned a BSEE degree from Stanford and MS and PhD degrees in Applied Physics from Harvard.




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Friday, May 4, 2018
Buffet begins at 11:00 AM
 and presentation starts at 11:30 AM 


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