The Sacred Science of Sound – Kimba Arem – Friday, June 15, 2018

Kimba Arem presents at BoulderSSE June 15, 2018

Every culture on Earth has described the creation of the universe as having originated from sound or vibration.  Even modern quantum physics and superstring theory refer to “vibrating strings” the underly the fabric of reality.

Can this be why sound and music has been used since the beginning of human history for healing, midwifing birth and death, uplifting consciousness, unifying communities, and reaching toward the Divine?

Is there a science underlying these phenomena that can explain how something so intangible can be so profound?

Thousands of years ago a great being known as Thoth or Hermes brought us the principles of Hermeticism and alchemy– both physical and metaphysical.  “As above, so below” is but one part of this profound philosophy.  Cultures that embraced these principles seem to have found powerful “keys” to life, which Thoth and his followers such as Socrates, Plato, Gurdjeff, and numerous others, indicated to be musically structured and vibrational in essence.

In our discussion we will explore the theory which suggests that this knowledge may have allowed our ancestors to create many wonders and magnificent stone structures such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Terrace of Baalbek, among numerous others.  The precision and magnitude of most of these creations defy the ability of modern technology.

Our discussion will also include the principles of cymatics, brainwaves, binaural beats, entrainment, various tunings such as Solfeggio and A=432 Hz, and what the Vedic scriptures and others refer to as Nada Brahma– the sound current.  Kimba will discuss advanced Russian technologies that she includes in her practice that are based on vibrational medicine and bio-resonance– Biowell and Imago.  To activate both sides of the brain, our explorations will be interwoven with live demonstrations of various overtone and harmonic-based instruments, as well as a group mind entrainment experiment.

Kimba AremBIO:
Kimba Arem is an international performer and recording artist, sound engineer, molecular biologist, classically trained musician, subtle energy therapist, and full-time spiritual seeker since her transformational wake up call– a near death experience– in 1992. One major realization given to her was the awareness that the basis of everything is essentially vibration.  Soon after that event, while attending graduate school studying Taoist acupuncture and herbs, she was introduced to the ancient idea of using sound as medicine– which combined her passion for music with service to others. She has now been practicing music therapy with various other subtle energy modalities for over 20 years.

In addition to this, she has actively been involved in shamanic practices from around the world since 1994. She incorporates tapping into harmonizing energies beyond the five main senses into her productions and therapy work– which has involved individual sound sessions, workshops, group sound journeys, scoring, the production of 13 albums, and a movie called Secret of Water.

Kimba co-founded and is president of an integral health clinic, Radiance Healthwhich incorporates both Western and complementary medicine.  She is dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening and transformation through sacred sound and vibrational medicine.

Music as Medicine

Kimba’s website:

Kimba highly recommends the book by Michael Hayes called The Hermetic Code in DNA (– one of her favorite books of all time… it goes into some of the material she will be covering.

Kimba Arem at the Globe Sound Healing Conference:


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Friday, June 15, 2018
Buffet begins at 11:00 AM
 and presentation starts at 11:30 AM 


Nissi’s Entertainment Venue & Event Center
2675 Northpark Drive Lafayette, CO 80026
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