Crossing the Event Horizon: Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype – Jonathan Zap – September 29, 2017


Empirical, cross-cultural evidence demonstrates that the human psyche is not born as a blank slate but with powerful, universal predispositions called “archetypes.”

Archetypes, such as the hero, trickster and devouring mother are often misunderstood as merely cultural motifs, but they are not merely patterns, they are subjects rather than objects that can be said to have their own intentions. Archetypes are dynamic living agencies which exert a dominant influence out of which the essential themes of individual and collective human life emerge.

The Singularity Archetype is a mediating influence and source of information about two great parallel “event horizons” humanity is hurtling toward. The first of these is “eschaton” —- a shattering, rupture-of-plane experience for the entire species conceived of variously as apocalypse/rapture by some religionists, and “the singularity” by some technological futurists. It is a zone of metamorphosis that has haunted the human imagination from time immemorial with images of extinction and/or quantum evolutionary rebirth. The second great event horizon is the eschaton of the individual human timeline known as death.

The themes of evolutionary transformation of the species implicit in the Singularity Archetype become phenomenological actualities in many near-death experiences and certain other boundary-dissolving states such as pychotropic experiences, OBEs, dreams and reported abduction experiences.

Jonathan Zap headshotBiography:

Jonathan Zap grew up in the Bronx and attended the Bronx High School of  Science. He graduated from Ursinus College with honors in Philosophy and English and received his Masters degree in English from NYU.

Jonathan is an author, philosopher, journalist, and teacher who has written extensively on psychology and contemporary mythology. Jonathan has worked as a staff gemologist and instructor for the Gemological Institute of America. He has taught English in High School and College and worked with troubled youth as the dean of a South Bronx High School. As a wilderness guide, Jonathan has led inner city kids and other young people on expeditions to remote desert canyons and to the summit of Mount Rainer. (See Crossing the Great Stream—Education and the Evolving Self published in Holistic Education Review for more on his experiences in education.)

Zap bookJonathan is the author of numerous published articles, essays, experimental works of fiction and the Zap Oracle.  His most recent book is Crossing the Event Horizon—Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype.

He has done numerous radio and television interviews and has become a regular guest on Coast-to-Coast AM. He is a featured correspondent and editor at Reality Sandwich, the popular online magazine, where you can find (at last count) 127 of his articles.

Jonathan has a background in Jungian psychology, paranormal research, literature, writing, editing and  many other subjects. He uses his eclectic background to take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and writing about many subjects.

He currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.

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